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Author: Matt Bateman

Welcome and thank you for your interest in us!  We are, "Stay And Play In The Smokies."  Our desire is to help couples, families, church and outdoor enthusiast groups - just about anyone within a days drive of the Western North Carolina Smokies - plan a visit to our area of Macon, Jackson and Swain Counties of the Western North Carolina Smokies. It's an area we like to call the "quieter side of the Smokies." And our goal is to make trip planning easy, connecting you with the best of what our region has to offer, making the tourism experience as great as it can be. We have designed our website to be convenient for you to explore and use before your visit, as well as after you are already here, to better equip you with quality information that you can count on.

So whether you're craving outdoor adventures or seeking the best eats and shopping spots in the area, let me be your guide.

Author's Name: Matt Bateman


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