Blue Ridge Parkway- Milepost 418

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  • Popular milepost featuring "Graveyard Fields"
  • Multiple activities available here: Hiking, Camping, Swimming and Waterfalls
  • Great place for families to take a picnic
  • This milepost is located in Haywood county

The Local Scoop

This is one of the most popular mileposts along this southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  In the summer months, it could be hard to find a spot to park, as cars tend to line the roadsides close to this large parking area.  No matter the crowds, we recommend experiencing this area to it's fullest.  Go backcountry camping with your son's boyscout troop... take the family into the fields that surround the Yellowstone Prong as it flows peacefully through the this mile high meadow... OR simply pull over on a hot day for a swim in the large pool below Second Falls. 

The Local Directions

As you cruise along the Blue Ridge Parkway, be sure to pay attention to the roadside markers called, "Mileposts."  These are concrete posts with Blue numbers engraved on them.
If driving South to North along the parkway, you'll notice that in passing MP 419 you'll come to a large parking area on the left.  Park here to enjoy MP 418 (.8 really).. Graveyard Fields.
If driving North to South along the parkway, you'll notice that in passing MP 418 there is nowhere to park.  Keep driving for approx. 0.8 mile more to a large parking area on your right, Graveyard Fields.

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Difficulty Levels

  • Camp8What's this?
  • Hike5What's this?
  • Waterfalls7What's this?
Hike Distance
Hiking @ Graveyard Fields
Nearest City
Haywood County
Distance From
Blue Ridge Parkway Access Points:
- N.C. Hwy 215:  4.7 Miles
U.S. Hwy 276:  6.7 Miles
- U.S. Hwy 74/23: 25 Miles
U.S. Hwy 441:  51 Miles