Collins Creek Picnic Area

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  •  Bathrooms w/flush toilets 
  •  2 loops of picnic area 
  •  15 picnic tables w/BBQ grills 
  •  Covered Pavilion with seating for up to 70 people and 4 grills just outside of covered roof 
  •  Fishing in Collins Creek under Great Smoky Mountains National Park fishing regulations
  •  Recommended picnic area for anyone with convenient location to Cherokee nearby

The Local Scoop

Collins Creek Picnic Area is one of our favorite places to stop in for a quick bite to eat or just a bathroom break and a stretch. Conveniently located just outside of Cherokee and the Oconaluftee Visitors Center, the area has a peaceful setting although just off of U.S. Hwy-441  through the park.  
Please keep all pets on their leash here while you take them and any children that might be with you down to the creek bank and Collins Creek.  Let them splash around in the cool clear water.  
One of the hundreds of small creeks that run through the park, Collins Creek has a nice population of Rainbow Trout for such a small creek.  The last time I stopped in here for a break I just happened to have my fishing gear.. hmm.. how convenient!  I caught a 7 inch Rainbow Trout in the first few casts.  That is a very big fish for this creek.  Expect the majority of them to be in the 5 inch range.  You can't keep them that small but they sure are fun to catch.  

The Local Directions

From downtown Cherokee, head North on U.S. Hwy-441 for 7 miles, crossing into Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Look for "Collins Creek Picnic Area" on your left, heading towards Gatlinburg, TN.

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Difficulty Levels

  • Fishing1/7What's this?
35.55567, -83.314487
Easy via U.S. Hwy-441
Hike Distance
"Quiet walkway" located back right of shelter (no distances)
Nearest City
Swain County
Distance From
Cherokee, 7 miles