Juney Whank Falls

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  •  Gorgeous 35 foot cascading waterfall 
  •  No dogs allowed 
  •  Footbridge crossing Juney Whank Creek w/built in benches to relax on while listening to the falls
  •  Nearby hiking, horseback riding, camping, biking, swimming, tubing and fishing 
  •  Two hiking choices to reach the falls: one-way or loop 
  •  Very easy access

The Local Scoop

Juney Whank Falls are one of three gorgeous waterfalls just outside of Bryson City, NC.  Toms Branch Falls and Indian Creek Falls are the other two. We highly recommend visiting the Deep Creek entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This area is very peaceful and relaxing in the spring and autumn. During the summer months this area can be a bit crowded due to the excellent tubing opportunity that Deep Creek has become most popular for, especially for families, church groups & other large outdoor enthusiast groups. But don't let the thought of crowds keep you from visiting Juneywhank Falls. The trailhead can be easily found at the back end of the parking area I tell you about in my local directions (see below). The trail heads up hill to the left and winds around the ridge until you come to a footbridge over the creek at 0.3 mile. Here you can take a seat on the bridge and enjoy Juney Whank Falls as they cascade down the rock face and below your feet and finally under the bridge on their way to Deep Creek. We recommend hanging out here for a while.  To get back to your car, simply turn around and back track to the parking area.  If you would like to loop back around to your car OR if you want to continue on to the other two falls mentioned above, cross the bridge and head up the short hill on the other side of the falls.  When at the top of the short hill you'll notice that you have joined another trail, "Deep Creek Horse Trail."  This trail continues straight ahead.  Avoid it.  Instead you'll notice another trail that takes you downhill, "Juney Whank Loop Trail."  Take the right onto this trail for 0.2 mile where you'll intersect the main Deep Creek Trail.  Go right to get back to your car in just a few minutes and go left to continue on to Toms Branch Falls and eventually Indian Creek Falls.  For directions for those falls please visit their respective pages.  

There is so much to do while in the Deep Creek area, we recommend spending a full day here, if not more.  The Deep Creek Campground, Deep Creek Picnic Area and of course, Deep Creek are all located nearby.  There are hiking trails, horse trails and biking trails for you to take advantage of, as well as some great wild trout fishing.  



The Local Directions

From downtown Bryson City, NC take "Everett Street" across the railroad tracks to a right onto "Depot Street." Travel alongside the trains and train station for approx. 0.2 mile. At the stop sign ahead take a slight left and onto "Deep Creek Road" for approx. 0.3 mile (see brown signs for Deep Creek). Here, you'll need to take a left onto 'West Deep Creek Road," just before a bridge over Deep Creek. Continue up "West Deep Creek Road" for approx. 2.5 miles crossing into Great Smoky Mountains National Park (see sign on your Right). To get to the trailhead and parking area for Juney Whank Falls & Trail continue on and bear to the left past the turn off for the Deep Creek Campground on your right and avoiding the large Deep Creek Picnic Area on your right.  After passing the picnic area (on the right) and group pavilion (on the left) the road dead ends at the parking area on the left for Juney Whank Falls and the Deep Creek Trail access. Pick up the Juney Whank Falls trailhead at the back end of the parking lot, to the left and up the hill near all of the signs.

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Difficulty Levels

  • Waterfalls3What's this?
  • Hike3What's this?
Trailhead:  35.46451, -83.43418
Waterfall:  35.46661, -83.43530
Hike Distance
0.3 mile (one-way)
Easy via West Deep Creek Road 
& dead end parking lot 
Nearest City
Bryson City
Swain County
Distance From
Bryson City, 3.4 miles