West Prong Little Pigeon River

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  •  Crystal clear trout waters & gorgeous area 
  •  Access via picnic area road 
  •  Restrooms, picnic tables and grills available 
  •  Nice population of Rainbow Trout

The Local Scoop

We recommend this area to the entire family and especially to those of you looking to squeeze a little fishing time in while you're with them. This is your opportunity. We also recommend making the most of your (at least) half day while here. This is one of my favorite picnic areas due to it's close proximety to the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River and because it's one of the shadiest and most relaxing picnic areas around. So, bring your picnic supplies including the charcoal and lighter fluid because there are nice outdoor grills here for your use. This is a no fee area too! The last time I was here it was in the Spring and it was busy but we still found a spot to have a picnic due to the large amount of tables available. There are also restrooms here for your convenience. Now, back to fishing. My suggestion would be to try and access the river as close to the back side of the picnic area as possible (the kids like to splash around in the water beside this area) to find a good place to start. You should have quick luck within a few minutes depending upon your ability to present the lure in a proper manner. There is a good population of both Rainbow and Brown Trout through here. Work your way up as far as you like, this area might seem like a popular spot but it rarely receives high pressure from anglers. If it does experience high pressure the chances are good that they are practicing catch & release. I would like to suggest you do the same unless you plan on bringing them back to the grill at the picnic area. In that case, more power to ya! Good luck and remember you'll need a valid NC or TN fishing license and there is a limit of 5 fish per angler with a 7 inch minimum in size.

The Local Directions

From downtown Cherokee, NC take U.S. Hwy-441 North towards Great Smoky Mountains National Park for 27.6 miles and access road for "Chimney Tops Picnic Area." Follow this loop road up to find a parking spot at a picnic table. The West Prong of the Little Pigeon River runs parallel to the picnic area and is easily accesible. Fish up river for best results.

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35.63704, -83.49342
Cherokee, NC 28719
Swain County
Distance From
FROM (Town): Cherokee, 27.6 miles HIKE: Roadside access