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explore - Motorcycle Routes

It's no surprise to see so many motorcycles in our area of the Smoky Mountains.  We have some of the most famous and most visited motorcycle routes that you'll find.  One such example, "The tail of the dragon" at Deal's Gap offers riders twists and turns unmatched by any stretch of highway in the world.  Experience the thrills of places like Deal's Gap, as well as other "paved treats" our mountain roads offer, with our recommended motorcycle routes.

Here, you'll find a selection of motorcycle routes and rides that offer anything and everything.  From rides you'll want to cruise along at a smooth pace to take in the views, to more challenging rides that twist and turn, as you carve your way through mountain gorges.  Be sure to consider stopping by some of the many points of interest along the way!  We recommend packing a picnic lunch, your hiking boots and a camera, you don't want to miss a single thing!


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